3 Steps to Massively Scaling Your Business Through Marketing Systems

3 Steps to Massively Scaling Your Business Through Marketing Systems

Scaling your business to seven-plus-figure revenue requires one thing—marketing systems.

As a business owner, you’ve probably been searching for the answer to these questions;

How do I attract more (and better) clients, raise prices, work less, and enjoy life more?

The answer is marketing (strategically) to the right audience, and then systemizing everything. But first you need to get crystal clear on your business entity strategy—that is the critical foundation of business success. Jump on a free guided Gap Analysis strategy session with an expert from our team to diagnose the gaps and mistakes in your strategy and lay out a roadmap to success.

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Marketing systems fuel a business from the ground up.

Without them, you have no customer base. It’s a fair assumption that the United States is filled to the brim with literally thousands upon thousands of businesses, big and small, requiring the one competitive advantage of them all; customers. They need to either know how to find the right customers (which takes even more work) or have someone find those customers for them.

A business consultant or marketing expert do exactly that, but, it’s not a black-and-white affair. It can be a complicated process, even painful, with a lot of trial-and-error.

However, there are 3 steps that you can take to avoid a lot of pain and fast-track your journey to scaling your business massively.

1. Create an Extensive List of Characteristics of Your Perfect Client

Trying to be a marketing “jack-of-all-trades” on every platform to every possible audience is one of the biggest mistakes business owners make. If you target too far and wide, your customer will end up being no one. Casting your net too wide creates giant holes in your funnels. You need to get clear on your exact ideal customer and get inside their head and their psychology—then, focus your message only on that particular customer avatar. Put yourself in their shoes and feel their pain points like they’re your own, write them all down, then create marketing strategies around them.

2. Become an Expert on Advertising on One or Two Social Media Platforms to Find Those Clients

Social media is the perfect place to advertise and increase brand awareness, engagement, website traffic, and of course, conversions. But the two biggest mistakes businesses make with social media is;

  1. Trying to utilize every platform and channel at once
  2. Only relying on organic posting and not utilizing advertising

Remember; a jack-of-all-trades is a master of none! Pick one or two primary platforms to focus on and hone your strategies on those platforms until you crush it. Stretching your marketing over too many channels makes it thin, resulting in less focus, testing, and ultimately, success. A much, much smarter way to market is to put all your effort into only a couple select channels and dominate them.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Instill a Sense of Urgency and Fear-of-Missing-Out

Customers don’t buy because of two things; they don’t see the value (which is our job as businesses and sellers—to make them see the value), or, they want to “think about it” (which usually involves shopping around more to compare other options such as prices, reviews, etc), which in turn means they don’t feel any reason to buy it right now, that they have time.

So, we need to make sure we are not only convincing prospects on the value of our products/services, but also instilling a sense of urgency to eradicate the “I’ll think about it” mindset. We want prospects to feel the need to buy RIGHT NOW; which can be done with phenomenally-written marketing language, but is easiest to achieve with limited time offers and use of countdown timers, etc.

Just by following these 3 steps, you’ll be light-years ahead of many, many competitors. Just remember; niche, get inside the minds of your niche, become a master at marketing to that niche on a select few best-suited platforms, and get your prospects to the finish line with ninja marketing tactics.

Then, systemize it; and you’ll be scaling your business to new heights in a matter of months.

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