Sequencing for Success

Sequencing for Success

Stair to SuccessYesterday, we talked to you about physical energy drains. Now, I am going to speak about something that can drain you even if you are doing all of the right things – doing it out of order!  I call this sequencing. The sequence I was brought up with was simple Nebraska stuff.  Work hard. Repeat. Money was something that came with lots and lots of work and it was to be used for sustaining existence. Investing, ski slopes and lattes weren’t on the agenda.  The basic process was birth, school, work, marriage and working a little less but never completely stopping. As you get older, as a woman, your work just changed.  I was never wired that way. I work to take care of my family but I do it in a different way. I teach my children to make their money work for them. I teach my children the proper sequence of doing things. 

Sequencing can help you all over the place in your life. It’s a vital part of extreme optimism and energy, which is the end result of the Yes! Energy Equation. A properly sequence of scheduled events can get you there every day! If your day isn’t working for you, don’t fight the energy, change it! Dan Kennedy told me during the Yes! Energy Summit a great bit of information, that you have to find your time of day when the creativity, ingenuity, business, comes most freely for YOU! Your team will have to work around that.  His best time is 2 AM.  I’m best after coffee.  Everyone is different. 

Bottom line – take risks, do things differently. Stop what you have been doing if it isn’t working and get in the sequence of success.  Go! Go! Go! Switch it up.

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