Share Your Legacy

Share Your Legacy

Earth Legacy Every book I write is summed up in the same way. I talk about legacy. I ask you to consider who you can pass your gifts on to.  Yes! Energy by itself will bring you many rewards. But when you choose to pass it on to the next generation, that gift could change the world. 

Whether you have children of your own or you volunteer your time and talents to kids who need mentors,  giving the gift of Yes! Energy is one of the greatest things you can do. As you move forward in life, grow, learn new things, embrace the power of positive in your life, it’s important to share that perspective with others. It’s a powerful thing to reeducate those who are coming up in this world and show them the way to success. Most kids dream about what their future will be like. Encourage them to dream about how they can live their best life NOW. When you teach kids the power of no-limit thinking, you are creating a legacy. Thinking like that results in an explosion of potential, ideas, personal growth.  Anything is possible! Anything!  All of the sudden the fearless, bulletproof, try-anything nature of childhood is transformed into something with direction, purpose and goals.

If you’ve ever seen the light turn on with a child or teen, it’s an amazing thing. That’s why I allow those who attend 3 Days to Cash to bring a teen for free. When the teens catch on, you can see the fireworks behind their eyes.  They get it! They sell. They engage. They believe. They succeed. What a powerful thing to pass something like that on to the next generation!

Think back to your childhood. What would you have done with such insight? If you had that energy, was it encouraged?  By giving that gift, that encouragement, mentorship and direction to the next generation, we will definitely leave this world in a better state than when we were born into it. 

How will you share your legacy?

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