Simple and Easy Networking Tips

Simple and Easy Networking Tips

The Live Out Loud CommunityRecently we announced our new Social Media Networking Community. What an exciting time for us here at Live Out Loud! We are looking forward to seeing the site grow as all of you create profiles and begin to communicate through our new community. With that said, this week I want to discuss the power of networking for your Cash Machine.

When starting out with a new business or to expand what you already have one thing to always remember is networking is quite possibly your best resource. So what is the best way to network? The answer to that is simple you’ve got to become involved in your community both off and online.

Here are a few simple steps…

Know your objectives.

First and foremost you have to know your objectives. If you don’t already have one, it’s time to compose a short but effective 30-second pitch on what you do and how it benefits others. Make this statement clear and concise most people barely retain information so do your best to be engaging and not too wordy.

Friends and family are your best sales team.

Make use of your current friends and family. These people are literally part of your sales force. If they completely understand your objectives they will be more likely to keep an ear to the ground on your behalf.

Once you have a contact keep in touch.

It’s just not enough to have a name and number in your Rolodex; you’ve got to keep in touch. If you make a contact at an event or in the line at the supermarket for that matter make sure to not only get the proper spelling of their name and telephone numbers, get an email address as well. Having a newsletter or weekly broadcast email will keep your name in the forefront. Let people know what you are doing, what you need, or how you can help them.

Don’t be shy.

When you are creating a Cash Machine don’t be shy about it. Tell the world if you can. Honestly being shy about talking to people is the last thing you want. If it’s hard for you to approach people find a way that is comfortable for you. Everyone is different and every Cash Machine has a different objective. Once you’ve found an approach that works stick with it. Remember to watch your demeanor; body language plays a big part in face-to-face networking. Keep a smile on your face. Be excited about what you are doing… it’s contagious.

Join in both local and online communities.

Organizations that help people network are available in almost every community and online there are quite literally thousands. The Live Out Loud community will prove to be an invaluable resource as you browse profiles and get involved with the continuous learning format this community will provide. On a local level get involved. Be a staple at local events and forums. The contacts you meet will propel you to the next level.


If you are a seasoned networker you already know the value in this approach. If you’ve met a contact that has a business a friend or colleague could benefit from be sure to put them in touch. Do more than pass along information; stay involved until their paths have met. If you can help… do it, you’ll find in no time that same contact going the extra mile for you.

Networking is one of the most beneficial tools you have in your toolbox. Use it wisely and it will do wonders for you bottom line.

I look forward to seeing all of you grow and benefit from our new community.

Ready GO!

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