Simplified Selling With Cydec: Webinar Replay

Want To Simplify Your Online Selling? Take A Sneak Peak Demo Into Cydec – The Simple, Fast And Easy Alternative To Confusing, Costly And Complex Online Shopping Carts!

Loral Langemeier Here, International Wealth Expert & 5-Time New York Times Bestseller. I Want To Introduce You To Cydec – A Simple, Fast & Easy Alternative That Puts You In Control Of Your Business Without Needing A Third-Party Outsourcer Or A Programmer To Do It All For You.

If you’ve ever worked with an online shopping cart, you’ve probably you’ve probably uttered these 4 words at some point…“This is confusing.”

Well, there is a better option – Cydec!


The all-star team over at Cydec has been converting a ton of online users over to Cydec lately … see for yourself how Cydec can double, triple and even 10X your sales – without a lot of the hassle and confusion.

And for those of you who don’t think you’re ready for Infusionsoft (I’ve had to hire programmers and a whole other online team to manage my own account), Cydec is the perfect way to get integrated into online selling.

And if you’re on the fence, take this little bit of advice: This is who this software is NOT for:

If you’re already a guru and feel like you need complex, advanced and really high-tech-y things like API’s, lead-scoring, taking or other fancy-pants features that 95% of other marketers don’t need (and have never used), then this is NOT for you.

However, if you’d like to learn more about simple, fast & easy alternative online shopping cart option that puts you in control of your business without needing a programmer, or to send someone off for 3 days of training to learn how to use it … Then this is for you.

If you’re not quite ready for InfusionSoft, but need to jump into your automated online marketing, watch the free sneak peek demo of Cydec above!

Cydec offers awesome features such as exit pop-ups on order forms, which have been reducing order form abandonment by over 80% and increasing sales by over 50% instantly! Imagine turning a $10,000 promotion into a $15,000 promotion, just by adding a few lines of code that you can do yourself in mere minutes.

If you’re not a programmer & don’t have the time to learn or $75,000 in your bank to hire someone to run a more complicated system, this software is for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

How simple is it to create a funnel?

It depending on your skill base, but a baseline funnel can be created inside 5 minutes. Simple steps include, creating your list, adding a product, creating an order page and simply integrating it into your funnel. However elaborate you decide to become, the more time it may take.

Can it integrate with WordPress?

Yes it can integrate we have embed codes that can be easily added to your WP site.

Can I have Affiliates?

Yes we have a full customer service and affiliate management access you can check sales and affiliate earnings. All of our products can be set to the default affiliate settings or customized per product.

Can I add my own customer list to the system?

Yes, you can add current contacts to the system.

How techie do I have to be to get this running?

None, but if it is more than you want to deal with, we have sources that can set it up and review it with you so it is ready to go.

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