Six months ago…

Six months ago…

     Six months ago today, I met Loral Langemeier.  I attended a Wealth Building Blitz after reading Loral’s first book, “The Millionaire Maker”.  I introduced myself and thanked her for writing the best book I have ever read.  She asked me what I liked about it and I told her the entire book, cover to cover.  It offered the information I had been searching for.  After reading the book, I created my financial statement and I knew that this was just the beginning.

     The Wealth Building Blitz is like no other seminar I have ever been to.  It was much more comprehensive.  It included much more about a person’s overall financial life than any other I had attended.  I was so impressed with Loral’s Live Out Loud community that while there, I signed up for the Cash Machine Workshop and the Big Table.  The group is unlike any other.  They help lift each other up.

     I brought my fiance to the Cash Machine Workshop.  We had been to other seminars, workshops and online classes before.  We were bombarded with calls from coaching companies offering their services as the answer to our wealth building desires.  It was hard to trust in the callers and their advice was, for the most part, a disappointment.  Names we would all recognize.  Though informative, we had been getting frustrated by the lack of support behind the information and by the lack of results/ROI.  She too, saw that Live Out Loud was different.  While at the workshop, she signed up for the Big Table also.  It was one of best thing that has happened to us as a couple.  This journey can not be made by just one of the two people in a relationship.  We struggled with the cost, though not as much as I would have anticipated.  Ours was more in trying to figure out where the money would come from, than whether or not it was the right thing to be spending the money on.

     I can’t explain how happy I am with our decision to trust in Live Out Loud.  Our new life is just beginning.  We have brought our passive income to a point where I could quit my job.  I have started my own construction company and have jobs lined up for the summer season.  Again, I thank Loral and the Live Out Loud community for their support.

     If there is anyone reading this that is on the fence, don’t hesitate.  There is no question.  Live Out Loud is the answer.

Looking forward to the next six months,

Aron Wilder

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