Social media in your business

Social media in your business

If you still haven’t come around to the idea of using social media for your business, you’re not alone.

Many can’t reconcile the “social” component with conducting business and turning profits. Well, it’s time to get past that hang-up because all your competitors are using social media and quickly passing you by. Here are the best sites to join immediately for better business success.

By far the least “social” of the social media platforms is LinkedIn.

While plenty of business is done on other sites, LinkedIn is only for business. So this is a great website for getting your business out in front of all types of people in all kinds of companies, many of whom may be key decision makers. The more you network on LinkedIn, the more likely you’ll be to end up in front of the right pair of eyes. Of course, when it’s time to hire, LinkedIn will make it easy for you to find the candidates your company needs.

Social Media PosterTwitter is certainly used for plenty of reasons that aren’t remotely professional.

However, spend some time on this popular social media platform and you may soon realize yours is one of the only companies in the industry without a presence. This platform is exceptional at publishing information at the speed of light and using inbound marketing to bring in customers. In addition, you can’t do any better than Twitter for eavesdropping on your customer base. They’ll have conversations right out in the open and, if you play your cards right, you can make them about your company or product.

Although YouTube may not seem like a social media platform, strictly speaking, it’s crossed the boundary and nowadays most people consider it under the umbrella.

In many ways, YouTube may offer you the best possible option where social media is concerned. It does away with any confusion that can be caused by the written word thanks to the most popular medium currently available, video. Furthermore, unlike, say, Twitter, many companies still don’t have a YouTube channel. So, you may find none of your competitors are providing you any competition on YouTube, giving you an excellent opportunity to establish yourself as an authority and capitalize on the results.

There are countless other options where social media is concerned, but start with the above three for your business. Learn them; master them; and then move on from there. Other platforms like Facebook have plenty to offer as well, but you’ll have your hands full with the three above and they’ll provide plenty in return. Trust me, everyone’s on Facebook and some focus on it too much. So it’s best to hone in on the 3 above, as Facebook will come naturally to you and your team.

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