Stop Procrastinating Once and For All

Stop Procrastinating Once and For All

People don’t procrastinate because they want to do something later. They do it because they flat out don’t want to do it at all. Business owners often have a lot of ideas, sometimes too many. That can make it difficult to focus. It could also become very overwhelming.

So what do you do?

During the day, take note of what types of activities you gravitate to. When you have a to-do list, what do you get done first? What you tend to gravitate to is what you WANT to do. I’ve spoken to many clients who, when faced with a business that is burning them out, I have course-corrected by finding out what they want to do in the business and helping them identify a team who can do the rest.

If you procrastinate on your total core business, maybe its time to shake things up a bit! Think, what do you want to do? What are you good at? Once you have identified it, go do it, and watch the procrastination just drip away. You will see your energy return. You will be more eager to attack projects.  Sure, there will still be some things you simply don’t want to do. That’s why you have a TEAM!

Now go out and make some money!

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