Stop Procrastinating!

Stop Procrastinating!

How to Make a DecisionI bought a book about how to stop procrastinating and I haven’t read it yet. Sadly, this isn’t a joke. It’s reality. Yes, it’s on my to-do list, as are so many other line items. Yet, like many of the people in this world, I put it off, and put it off and then it becomes an emergency and I’m all stressed out. That is NOT Yes! Energy. Sure, I’m saying yes now, but I’m putting off figuring out how. I’m actively working on fixing my procrastination problem using Loral Langemeier’s viewpoint.

Loral says, if you are procrastinating, that means you don’t want to do it. So those are the things you should be delegating. I’m all for delegating my laundry (heads to Google to search for the nearest fluff and fold).

I thought it would be amazing to reach out to the Live Out Loud community to answer two of my most pressing questions.

1)      How do you make the time to do what you need to do?

2)      What is your one best procrastination-busting technique?

I received SO many great answers that I had to post them.  If you missed out on my invitation email, sign up for 5 Days to Yes! Energy (it’s free).  You won’t miss next week’s question. Some of these quotes have been edited for spelling and grammar, but the message is the same.  Enjoy!

“What drives me is always looking at why I am doing something and, ultimately, it is to succeed so that I can spend more time with family. I found to do what I need to do, I needed to make a commitment to the task at hand within a specific time frame that is doable. Make sure you switch off any distractions such as phone, Internet, Facebook and so on. You will be surprised how fast you get things done if you don’t get distracted by them. Outsource things you don’t want to do.”

–          Dario Cucci “The Cash Flow Coach”

“I have a routine and I prioritize events within that routine. I make lists and I feel how I should attack them each day. I’m not afraid to say to myself “it doesn’t feel right to do that just yet” and then often something will come along later that makes that action unnecessary or enhances it. Mindfulness practice helps me focus on what my goals are. I have systems in place so I don’t “double handle.” When I read emails, I take action straight away on them. I delete them, save them as Word docs if useful or sign up for programs straight away. Then they’re not sitting in my inbox gathering cyberdust.”

–          Olivier Maxted (Olivier, tell us about your cash machine!)

“Procrastination is a form of FEAR (Failing Each Assignment Religiously) that keeps us in a cycle of failure. “Wellness begins in YOU” and procrastination keeps us in fear-based thinking. While LOVE frees us to achieve our goals/life’s purpose.”

–          Denise Riley-Ajanwachuku, MS, CPC – Global SOULutions, LLC

Don’t miss the next question!  It’s coming on Monday.  And remember, when you submit your answers, bring your A-Game.  Great posts are educational, not solely self-promotional. If you aren’t signed up for our free 5 Days to Yes! Energy, do it.  You could appear in next week’s post.

  • Dario F Cucci
    Posted at 18:46h, 18 November Reply

    I am so happy that my tip is featured on Loral Langemeiers blog, makes me proud to know that others will read it and apply the learning from it.

    • Diane
      Posted at 17:27h, 20 November Reply

      Be sure to share with everyone you know! Glad you are enjoying the tip? Any suggestions for the next question?

  • Brennan_Smith
    Posted at 16:50h, 19 November Reply

    Congratulations to all the featured replies, and thanks to Diane for putting this together. So many people are struggling to overcome procrastination, but when you use the right tools and you have the right mindset, everything comes together beautifully.

    • Diane
      Posted at 17:28h, 20 November Reply

      Glad you are enjoying the new feature! Be sure to share and sign up for Yes! Energy Bootcamp to make sure you get notified of new questions to respond to!

  • Buzbar
    Posted at 16:46h, 26 November Reply

    I am a life coach & I think it is important to find out what is behind the procrastination. We all need excitement in our lives, some more than others. The adrenaline rush of running late for a deadline can be an unhealthy way of getting the excitement you need. Sometimes it can be a fear of being judged or criticised for the work done, so if not done you can’t be judged – recognising these & other reasons behind the procrastination helps awareness & being able to tackle whatever it is that’s holding you back – these 2 examples are only a start!

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