The Millionaire Maker Game


The Millionaire Maker Game, a new educational board game designed to expand the financial minds of Americans everywhere when it comes building a life of financial freedom. This game delivers an interactive experience where players are cast into the life of an entrepreneur where big deals are made daily.

In this dynamic and educational game, players have 90 minutes to make the best business and strategic decisions possible. The goal is to end up with the highest net worth. Try new strategies without risk. See what works best for you. Get in the game! Bring a friend and join us on our journey to wealth building.

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At Live Out Loud we get you to be that LEADER. Because ultimately, it’s your job to tell your team of brokers, planners and advisors your goals, then ensure they’re following your lead. It’s your money and your future. You don’t want to be the least educated person on your wealth team.