Yes! Energy: The Equation to
Do Less, Make More


Available starting June 1, 2018.

The strongest energy always wins – that’s the key to moving from your current situation into the life you’ve always wanted. Yes! Energy presents the power of the “Energy Equation,” which you can employ to attract abundance to all areas of your life.

This formula can help you lead your life to achieve financial freedom; center your actions around a spiritual core of certainty and confidence; up-shift your attitude into consistent optimism; commit to engage with others at the highest, most satisfying levels; create the enterprise you’ve always envisioned; and dust off your dreams.

Best-selling author and entrepreneurial speaker Loral Langemeier developed this simple and straightforward methodology, which is revealed explicitly in these pages, because she needed it herself. Knocked to her knees more than a few times on her true-grit journey from farm girl to multimillionaire, she knows what it’s like to hit obstacles hard.

Yet despite the blows, she still stands, and she still delivers. So, if you want to learn how to tap into infinite, productive energy; extreme optimism; and calming, clarifying spirituality to improve your life in any way . . . this is the book for you! Harness the Energy Equation and supercharge your life!

This is now delivered digitally as a PDF via email. This is no longer sold as a physical book.

“Loral Langemeier’s message is a powerful one. She has helped thousands of people think, act, and invest the way the wealthy do.” – Dr. John Gray
Author of ‘Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus’ testimonial-icon-2-1

“By not taking risks, by not living our full potential, we risk it all! Say YES! now then figure out how. Loral’s philosophy is shared with you through her formula for channeling the right energy at the right time to reach the right directions.” – Sharon Lechter, Co-Author of Three Feet From Gold and Rich Dad, Poor Dad testimonial-icon-4-1

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