What is straddling?
Having a job and making a living while trying to build your business and wealth. Having one foot going in one direction and the other foot going in the other direction. Sitting on the fence. These are examples of straddling.

Straddling can be an uncomfortable place as your commitment is split. Part of your time and mind is on your business and part of your time is on your job wondering when and how to transition completely out of it. It is like that show “Lets make a Deal”. Do you take door number one or door number two or keep what you already have and know.

Sometimes it is easy to stay and keep what you have as it is comfortable. The paycheck from a job is steady but also unfortunately finite. No matter how good you are at your job or how much work you do, you get the same hourly rate. Having your own start up business is less predictable and unsteady at first. With the start of any business there are more expenses than income. So what do you do to get off the fence?

One way to get out of straddling is to quit your job completely and commit to growing your own business full time that way there is no turning back. This is the do or die mentality. For some people it’s a scary idea, for others it is a great challenge.

Straddling can be a temporary situation so that your paycheck from your job can be used to pay some of the ongoing bills and expenses. The plan however is to use your time wisely to build passive and residual income with revenue producing activities. The goal is to achieve time and financial freedom. When income from the business is equal or greater than the income from your job then leaving your job is easy.

It takes belief and faith in your self. It takes persistence. The stronger your belief in yourself and your product or service, the greater the activity, the better the results.  Doing the work necessary to build your business and your personal development is easy to do and also easy not to do. You have to decide and commit to doing the right activity.

My plan is to work part time in my job for the short term and full time on building my fortune. I prefer to leverage my time and efforts. I prefer to use resources and mentors to accelerate my wealth and not be a lone ranger. It is better to minimize my mistakes and learn from others who are successful.

Are you straddling? What are your plans to build your fortune?
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