Prepare for Your Future – Take Massive Action

Prepare for Your Future – Take Massive Action

Moving our feet as fast as we can to accelerate our passive income properties business.
We invest in real estate and have been in business for over 8 years.  We are investing in the Midwest where the market is more stable. Now is the time to buy properties with prices being so low.  America is on sale.  I love buying things at a discount.

The television show 60 minutes showed that a lot of people have to continue working way past their retirement age just to make ends meet as their retirement funds dropped so significantly. My 401k became a 201K.  Even if the stock market increases, it will be slow and may not recover enough to match what was lost. Scary….

I worry that as we all age, there will not be enough money to live on.  I worry that there will not be anyone to help care for us.  I worry about out living my money.  There is a solution and I am on the fast track to make sure that I will be financially secure and independent by investing in real estate.

We are working on a new website to provide investment opportunities.  Now we can really help others by providing a higher rate of return to those with “lazy” or under performing assets. Too many people have no alternatives for their funds other than the stock market..  We can help.  Do you know that you can roll over your IRA into a self directed IRA for real estate investments?

We closed on a property and are in the process of rehabbing a cash flow property. Check it out as we show the progression from start to finish. Check out House rehab in process
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Amy Yoshimitsu
Lois Threlkeld

Investing in Your Future

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