Take risks or stay the same

Take risks or stay the same

Thought of the day for all of my fellow entrepreneurs out there…

I’ve met with a TON of aspiring & existing entrepreneurs and others seeking financial freedom. People are always excited at the prospect of becoming their own boss, living a life they love, and “never working another day.”

This all sounds great (& is true), but I’ve got a newsflash for you:

ALL successful people have 3 things in common: Motivation, ability and opportunity. So, to succeed, we need hard work, talent & good luck.

Here’s the point of my post: A lot of you are willing to work hard and a lot of you are very bright … but many of you aren’t willing to take new opportunities.

A lot of you aren’t willing to take calculated risks.

A lot of you aren’t willing to put your money where your mouth is to take your business and life to the next level.

A lot of you aren’t willing to take a step into darkness simply because you’re uncomfortable with it …

To that I say, fine. Stay the same. Earn the same check. Live the same life. Stay where you are.

Good luck with that.

But for those of us who have taken the risks (some good, some bad) and seen the life-changing results … can I just say that, MAN, IT FEELS GREAT TO BE ON THE OTHER SIDE!

Trust me, not everything will go your way and not every strategy will result in millions of dollars … but when opportunity knocks at your door, are you going to peek through the window, turn off the lights and stay quiet until it goes away … or are you going to take a deep breath, open the door and say, “I’m ready.”?

Take that next step.

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