The Danger of the Make-Wrong

The Danger of the Make-Wrong

I love working with entrepreneurs, the optimism, the motivation, the dreams. Just working with the Live Out Loud Community and introducing new entrepreneurs to it brings me so much energy.  Unfortunately, there’s a nasty little demotivator out there that is killing the spirits of both full-time workers and entrepreneurs every day. It’s called the make-wrong. When you’ve been made-wrong, you know it. Someone will tell you that your business idea won’t fly. Or, they will go on and on about how now is the WORST time to start a business. “Why are you don’t this? Play it safe. You can never be too safe.” Sound familiar?  The worst make wrong though is when at ANY TIME you are made to feel less than the superstar you are. (And I KNOW you are one!)

Make-wrongs have a HUGE economic impact. Just look at the impact all of the negativity has had on our economy so far. Now people are waiting to see who the next president will be?  What’s next? Wait for the weather forecast?  Here it is straight. There are certain people in this world who are going to make wrong no matter how RIGHT you are.  I’ve had clients who come back from 3 Days to Cash with thousands of dollars in their pockets have their spouses shake their head and tell them NO they can’t go to Loral’s Big Table. It’s too much. It’s too much risk. Just take your thousands of dollars and let’s pay off some bills.

If there is anything that is wrong it is THAT – limiting someone’s potential for excellence.

That’s exactly what a make-wrong is. It’s a big, fat, demotivational poster that hangs in your brain and tells you “NO YOU CAN’T” when, in fact, YES YOU CAN! You can do whatever you aspire to do. It stops progress in its tracks. It keeps that business failure rate way too high. It keeps people in their nice, not-so-comfortable, W-2 jobs. Why? Because the make-wrong plants the seeds of doubt, which grow into roots of discontent.

The only thing that matters is YOUR confidence and certainty, your Yes! Energy, and your action. Be your own make-right!

  • Charlotte
    Posted at 12:01h, 02 August Reply

    I know only too well the make-wrong energy. I live with it. sometimes i get encouragement, but if I seem to be succeeding the make-wrong guy comes out of hiding. I try to ignore the :advice” but it does affect me, so that I lose my passion for what I am doing and actually feel like I can not succeed in what i am trying to accomplish.
    By the way, the dress “code” advice from Loral is well taken!

  • Chris Belding
    Posted at 14:30h, 06 March Reply

    This is all so true. In my case, the worst people are my family. It’s way too easy to lose yur facus when you hear this noise. If it’s taking you longer than you think it should, keep at it. Don’t ever give up!

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