The Educational System Needs to Evolve

The Educational System Needs to Evolve

The kids are out for summer break now.  This time of year always makes me think about how incredibly broken our educational system has become. Our kids are taught that there is a clear progression to success. This includes college, graduate school, doctorate – and I heard there is a new level forming over doctorate now!  The educational system tells them that formal education is where it’s at if you want to be successful. The statistic about new business failure is pounded into the heads of high school students, crushing entrepreneurial dreams from the get go. Kids (and parents) are told that if college isn’t in the plan, they won’t be able to succeed and they won’t be able to compete.  

That’s so WRONG! They could not be more wrong.

Our educational system shows a very narrow view of what success looks like. They don’t teach entrepreneurship. They don’t encourage independent thinking or big ideas. They tie success to a grade and that grade’s ability to get a kid into the “right” school, so they can get a J-O-B. Schools teach kids that they have a fixed worth.  I can think of nothing more damaging for a child’s future (or self-esteem) than to tell them they are worth a fixed dollar amount.

Parents – this is your call to arms. It’s up to you to teach kids this valuable lesson. My kids know better. Kids who go through our scholarship program at 3 Days to Cash know better.  It’s why we allow 3 Days to Cash attendees to bring one teen for free with every full paid adult. Kids need to know these things and they don’t learn it in the classroom. 

We wonder why our country is in financial trouble? Really? Is it that big of a mystery? We have a whole generation of kids, who are now old enough to be parents, who were educated to believe that a J-O-B is their only option! Because there aren’t enough businesses, there aren’t enough jobs for people who don’t want to work for themselves. Boom – job crisis.

How do we fix it?

Kids need to be taught that they can start their own companies, make their own way, and build upon the American dream our country was built on.  We can’t let the lemonade stand die!

Here are two programs I offer to help kids learn. If your teen hasn’t gone to one of these, please register them.  It’s what we can do as parents to assure a brighter future for our kiddos.

3 Days to Cash – Scholarship Program – One Teen Free for Every Full Paid Adult

Alumni Kids Financial Literacy Program

  • John R Hopkins
    Posted at 14:54h, 11 June Reply

    I love this and couldn’t agree more. I was asked last year to speak to the graduating jr high class where my son was attending school. I was asked to talk to them about what I do.
    I started the discussion by explaining that I wasn’t a great student and didn’t always follow instructions. Today was in line with this. I’m not going to tell you about what I do. Instead I started a presentation called “Don’t Be A Robot”. It is all about the fact that public schools are a robot factory. They have asked me to come back each year.

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