“The Key To Success Is There Is No Key To Success”

“The Key To Success Is There Is No Key To Success”

People ask me all of the time: “Loral, what’s your key to success?

Everyone is always so interested in what the one key ingredient is to breaking through ceilings, exploding your business, & living the life you want.

And tons of so-called experts out there are willing to share this “key to success” with you.

But I’ll be straight with you.

The key to success is there is no key to success.

As a business professional – human being for that matter – you have to be flexible, passionate, persevering, driven, adaptable, elastic, open-minded, tenacious, tolerant, motivated, willing, innovative, competitive…and so much more.

You see, since there is no key to success, you have to be willing to take what life gives you and mold it into what you want. You have to be malleable and open to adjust to what comes your way.

Not everything will go in your favor. At times, the world will mount up against you. Everything will seemingly go wrong.

There is no single KEY to success that will save you at this point…

What WILL get you through times like this is all of the qualities I mentioned above. What will help you not only survive, but THRIVE, out of situations like this is your understanding that there is not one single component that will drive your success. Your very nature and the qualities you possess are what drive your success. Your approach and perspective to live are what drive your success.


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