The Next American Idol

The Next American Idol

All the contestants of the American Idol have to show their talents and sing their heart out in front of millions of viewers and then be judged by the public and also a panel of judges. Everyone is competing for the same title of American Idol. Everyone is nervous and unsure of whether they will make it to the next round. Who will be selected as the top 12 and who will ultimately take the title.

I feel like an Idol contestant of the Big Table program vying to be the next success story. I am being viewed by the public and followed week after week by blogging and being on YouTube. What am I being judged on and will I be voted to the next round?

I am as nervous, scared and unsure of what to expect as those singers on stage. We are pouring all our heart, time and effort into building and growing our business.

There are about 60 of us who attended the Big Table Feb 9-10 in Lake Tahoe. We got the label LBT55 No Limits. The story of the Big Table has to do with the adults that gather and sit around the Big Table talking grown up stuff while the kids sat off to the side at the little table. So now it is time for the little kids, like all of us, to join the Big Table. The number 55 has to do with the number of groups that have participated so far in the Big Table program.

I wonder how many of us will make it to the next round. How many of us will succeed and be millionaires? Who will be the next American Big Table Idol?

We have our 1st coaching session next week and are anxious to find out what it will entail. What are our next steps? How will our coach help us?

Check in next week to see what we will be doing

Amy Yoshimitsu
Lois Threlkeld

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