The Power of Accountability

The Power of Accountability

This week, President Obama made a statement that infuriated some and others agreed upon. The idea was that no one does it alone. Now, when taken in the context of government help, no, they didn’t kick-start your cash machine for you. Unless you took a grant or did something of that nature, that idea and that hard work was all you.

What I chose to take from it, political leanings aside, is that there are no self-made millionaires. There are team made millionaires. Ideas come from individuals but to make those ideas into something great, to avoid burn out from trying to do everything (including those things you aren’t good at), you need PEOPLE.

It’s stunning what can happen when you activate the power of people in your business, particularly in the area of accountability. My Fast Cash Coaching program has 3 calls each week where you can get the accountability you need from my Master Coaches. Whether you are getting it from us or you are getting it from your own group of business owners, find someone to hold you accountable RIGHT NOW. Accountability closes the gap between goal setting and achievement by giving you a sounding board. Accountability groups keep each other on task and if one member of the group needs help, they hash it out and get that person on track.

Think about it in terms of losing weight.

When do you do better? Do you lose more when you are alone or when you have someone to report in to – someone rooting for you and celebrating your success? You will lose more with the second. Why? Because its really embarrassing to admit to your friend, coach, whoever, that you didn’t work out like you promised or you ate poorly.

Now just replace “make more money” into that statement.

Do you make more money when you are alone or when you have someone to report in to – someone rooting for you and celebrating your success? Think about it.

THAT is the power of accountability and why, if you don’t have it, you need it now. So go find some other entrepreneurs, or get online with Fast Cash Coaching and DO IT!

I’M the one holding you accountable here.  Go! Go! Go!

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    Posted at 14:00h, 01 August Reply

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