The Power Of Networks

The Power Of Networks

Do you know at least 5 people? These people could be family, friends, co-workers, business associates, acquaintances, etc. If those 5 people knew 5 people your network would grow to 25 people and if those 25 people knew 5 people, then the numbers increase to 125. Keep it going and you can have several thousand in your network.

The larger your network the more successful you will be in your business. Those with the largest data base will be the wealthiest. Every business need people to help grow their business and to buy their service/product. It is a numbers game. Not everyone you know will buy from you. In fact, sometimes the people that know you the longest, don’t always buy from you because they know you as the person in the past. For every 100 people there maybe 10 sales or 1 sale depending on your ability to close the sale.  It is said what you lack in skill, you must make up in numbers. That may mean that 200 people need to be approached before it results in a sale.

How do you grow your network and data base? First get out of the house, make phone calls, join and/or participate in groups. Talking to people is a must. Darn…    Sometimes it would be easier to text and email that way you don’t have to face people.  People however buy from people they know and like and sometimes they will even pay more because you have a relationship with them. Even referrals are helpful.

It takes time and effort to develop relationships. Each step you take brings you closer to making a sale and growing your network. This gets easier with time. Remember learning how to ride a bike? Just trying to sit on the bike was a challenge. Maybe you had training wheels to help you balance. Then you had to coordinate pedaling with steering all the while trying not to fall. Of course most everyone had fallen or at least scraped their knees. No matter how many times you fell, you were still determined to get up and ride that bicycle. Soon it became easy to ride it and now you were able to ride it on different surfaces, up/down curbs and maybe even do tricks. We could even ride it with another person sitting on the handle bars or backseat with you.

I am involved with the Chamber of Commerce, Toastmasters, Women’s Business Network, Women’s Mastermind, Asian Pacific Islander. Any group where there are people is a good group. This is taking me to a different level and getting me out of my comfort zone. It is fun and scary at the same time. It is so much easier to stay at home. Unfortunately, no one is knocking on my door. To be successful, I must go out and meet people. I must ride my bike without training wheels and learn to balance.

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