The Power of Yes

No More Excuses! Instead, Embrace the Power of Yes!

No matter what your financial or business goals are, you have probably run into roadblocks. You might be tired of working and might not be where you thought you would be. Your dream to use your gifts and talents has started to feel like a job, and it’s hard to get motivated.

The problem is that you have too much negativity in your life. So much money-making advice is about “No!”—if you want to make money, pinch your pennies, live within your means, and don’t treat yourself to that coffee. Why would anyone want to live like that? The only “No!” you need in your life is “No more excuses!” Instead, embrace The Power of Yes!

Money expert, bestselling author, and millionaire Loral Langemeier brings you the event The Power of Yes. Loral found success simply by saying “Yes,” which allowed her to stay ahead and achieve the success she’s known for today. By learning how to embrace your personal, positive energy, you too can make money that you didn’t even know was possible. Instead of denying yourself things to save what you already have, you’ll be thinking like a real entrepreneur and creating money.
If you are ready to put together a plan for wealth, harness your energy and optimism to create momentum, and have everything you want, this event is for you. What’s more, you’ll make money before the event is even over!
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