The Psychology Behind Your Cash Conditioning

The Psychology Behind Your Cash Conditioning

We’ve been conditioned about our money benefits since we were young.

In fact, most of our beliefs were defined between the age of 1 and 8.

For many of us, our financial conditioning started while we were in our mother’s womb – we are the confluence of hundreds of years of conditioning – through our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents, etc. During the early years of our lives, our financial condition was influences to a great degree by those who provided care for us and were influential in our upbringing…our family, religious educators, and teachers.

Relative to money and finances, what ideas did our grandparents have about money? How did that cause them to behave in relationships to their money – were they big saves, did they think they couldn’t afford things, were they putting it away for a rainy day… or did they believe that money is the root of all evil?

Probably for most, they lived through the Great Depression which created an entire generation who have a scarcity mindset rather than prosperity mindset.

And, unless your parents decided to think and behave differently toward money, you were probably conditioned with the same scarcity mindset that’s passed down through the ages from one generation to the next.

Another way the generational scarcity mindset impacted our conditioning is that we were never taught to have conversation about money – out loud. It was as if there was some unspoken law that the topic of money was taboo! In fact, surveys indicate that family conversations about money were compared to a skeleton in the closet.

Think about the conversation you remember hearing about money…

How old were you?

What was the topic?

Who was conditioning you?

How did it influence your conditioning (positive, abundance, don’t have enough)?

So, my question to you is this: Is your mindset around money where you want it to be? If not, will you be the one who stops this pattern of a generational scarcity mindset?

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