The Time is NOW…

The Time is NOW…

Start a Business Now4 Reasons NOW is the time to start your Cash Machine.

There has been a lot of talk these days about the current economy. I’ve heard the naysayers with their rumblings on how this is a bad time to start a business. I say let the choice of your timing make you the center of attention!

Listen, I might agree with you if you’re planning to open an airline or a lending institution but if you have a marketable skill set and can provide a good service you’d be crazy not to take advantage of a slowing economy. I can think of 4 great reasons why now is the time to get out there and create your cash…

1.) Your timing makes you stand out! You are brave and people will see that, it’s a quality not found much these days.

2.) Competition… what competition? When the economy is thriving the new best thing is around every corner and the competition is fierce. During slow periods most people back off on new ventures leaving the door wide open. Because everyone is “looking at every option” these days, even if your cash machine’s prospect has a source, they are more likely to meet with you and let you weigh in. Get going now and you’ll be the standard to beat!

3.) FOCUS! People who are in the cycle of wealth building tend to be concerned more with their own financial standing. They are free to brainstorm on marketing approach, networking strategies, and continuous learning. These people are not as concerned with fixing a problem they do not have control over. Energy is better spent on success not conjecture.

4.) Cheap start up! If you need products or services to facilitate your cash machine, play your cards right and you’ll get them dirt-cheap. Bartering is a common practice during these times; you’d be crazy not to ask. It’s like going on vacation during the off-season! This reason alone is an excellent reason to start your cash machine NOW.

Yes, you will have to work harder, want it more, and be creative. Yes it will be a challenge. I’m here to tell you it can be done. That is what Live Out Loud is all about, if you’re the type that won’t start a cash machine because the economy has hit a rough patch you probably aren’t the entrepreneurial type anyway. I know if you’re reading this newsletter your money making instincts are in a “ready for anything” posture! Good for you!

When thinking about what your cash machine should be, think about what your skills are and how you can use them to single yourself out, to provide a product or service that will be something people need in any economy. Be innovative, simple and current. Cash machines aren’t your dream job they are a small business designed to continuously generate cash, sustain your lifestyle and build your wealth. It’s not complicated.

If you’re hesitant about starting your cash machine because of the economy maybe there is an underlying reason for your apprehensiveness. If can focus on the unique opportunities these times bring that hesitation is easy to fix! Keep in mind it’s not the nation’s economic climate you’re attempting to fix — it’s your own.

Ready GO!


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