The Ultimate List of 284 Email SPAM Trigger Words

The Ultimate List of 284 Email SPAM Trigger Words

More than 850,000 emails have been sent in my name just this week.

Either through automatic email triggers, email confirmations, receipts or manual sends, my team has sent almost a million emails in just a few days.


Well, for starters, my database is over 300,000 people worldwide, and if you’re not emailing your clientele on a regular basis, they’re forgetting all about you…

But, with sending thousands of emails every day comes a great pressure to ensure that we’re following CAN-SPAM laws and closely monitoring the latest SPAM email triggers, so our emails don’t end up in your SPAM box.

Basically, if an email inbox sees a certain word in your email body, it might trigger its SPAM catcher and send the email straight into the SPAM folder, and not in front of the eyes of your subscriber. Stinks, right?

Now, wouldn’t it be helpful if someone put together a list of SPAM email trigger words, just so you knew what to avoid…?

Well, I did just that!

I gave my email marketing team a ‘little’ task and had them research a ton of email marketing SPAM trigger words and compile them into a single list for you.

Now, I do want to say that I’ve probably used these words thousands of times in the millions of emails I’ve sent in the past two decades of my career…but my team & I are learning every day how to avoid these words more and more, in order to increase our deliverability rates.

So, don’t feel bad if you’ve used these words…just make a REALLY HUGE mental note for the future.

Check ’em out & good luck!

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