Think Big: Exploit Your Gifts

Think Big: Exploit Your Gifts

Think Big, Dream BiggerWait! Do you really know what I’m saying when I advise you to “Think big and exploit your gifts?” offers the definition of the word exploit as:  a striking or notable deed; feat; spirited or heroic act. (That’s pretty big, isn’t it!?!)

In other words, exploiting your gifts is to employ them to the greatest possible advantage, make the best use of them. That’s what you need – no, strike that – you MUST do. Exploit your own gifts!

Think BIG, not small

If you want a bigger life, think bigger! Thinking small keeps you locked into a small life. It sabotages you. You have unlimited potential. And if you don’t believe that, it’s time to change your conversation that’s telling you otherwise.

The way to stop small thinking is to start exploring the unlimited potential within you. If you wonder why (about anything), ask why.  Don’t let something be just because it’s always been.  Too many people ask permission, follow others, and let tradition and “the way it’s always been” dictate their lives.

Those who live their gifts exploit their gifts. They make things happen. They think big and unlimited. When you get a progressive, exciting, energizing idea in your head, consider how that new thought got delivered into your head in the first place. Those thoughts and ideas may be gifts.  It’s your duty to celebrate and exploit them.

I don’t care if you don’t think outside the box; I just want you to get out of the box!

The status quo can be a comfortable place for some (even when it’s a box). But eventually it gets old. That’s when there’s no denying that something has to change. Are you with me? Some people stay stuck in a job because it pays well, but they are unhappy and bored. They’re craving freedom, change, something different, but they aren’t willing to take the risk. After all, a good job is hard to come by. Or so they think. That’s small thinking and it’s happening a lot these days.

We’re being fed negativity from every angle. The job market, the political arena, the media. Put all of that behind you. Think for yourself. (And you know what you can do with the box!)

Get confident with your dreams and think big.

What’s keeping you stuck where you are? Do you want a bigger life? A happier, healthier, more fruitful life? Do you think you can get there by continuing to do what you’ve been doing? Or do you need to change, take a calculated risk and get out of the box?

I’ve witnessed how “what people think” drives lives. Whether it’s what people think about you (and you care about that) or, more importantly, what you think about yourself. That’s why I say that it’s time to change the conversation you’re having with yourself and others. Small thinking is the saboteur of the life you want to lead. It holds you back.


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