Time and Energy Puzzle: How You Can Make Sure the Pieces Fit

Time and Energy Puzzle: How You Can Make Sure the Pieces Fit

Time and Energy PuzzleMaximizing your time and energy is one of the secrets that successful businesses know all too well. Smart entrepreneurs know that you should organize your time and energy for the maximum amount of effective output. In simple terms, this breaks down to the model of “doing less and making more” that I will continue to share over the next few months.

As with any philosophy, there are specific action steps that are required to actually make the “plane take off.” This is particularly true when it comes to the areas needed to be done but are outside of the skills that give you the most in return.

As with any planning process, there are certain things that can make things move much faster or far more slowly.

What are some of these things?

When in doubt, focus on marketing. On hundreds of coaching calls or mentoring sessions, we hear similar stories every day. There just isn’t enough time in a day, there are activities that are taking up much of your time or you are just a few days (months, years, etc.) away from the launch of an important piece of the puzzle. Marketing is the key component of the puzzle and there must be substantial time invested daily to bring people in the door both online and offline.

If you can’t create it quickly, someone already has done so. Many of you have the opposite problem, where you are building a marketing engine but you still don’t have the products or services to complement your efforts. With the rise of affiliate marketing hubs like Clickbank and Commission Junction, there are a variety of ways to select other products or services to sell while you are developing your own. For those in need of daily revenue to get past a roadblock, this is often the fastest path to doing so.

If you don’t have the content, gather the experts. For most of us, it could literally take years to learn and perfect all of the knowledge we want to provide to our audience. Thankfully, partnerships around products and services are not the only ways we can discover. As more and more of you begin looking for new ways to promote our content, consider that other experts like you are doing the same. By creating mutually beneficial partnerships to either promote or revenue share on interviews or shared content, you can easily build up a wider range of expertise to market.

You’ll always need team support. Most of our biggest time and energy drains take place around the activities that aren’t even our highest and best use of time. By prioritizing marketing and sales over all other activities, you will inevitably generate the revenue that helps you add on teams of support when they are needed. In the beginning, take on team as needed, but be sure to add a part of your plan that provides you with support and inspiration in the daily areas that you need most.

Remember, each day is a process of evaluating the highest and best use of the energy you have. By remaining focused on the highest and best use of your skills, the results will follow.

  • RebeccaLongster
    Posted at 22:55h, 29 September Reply

    This is EXACTLY the kind of content I need to read right now (well, all the time, actually) especially the “If in doubt, focus on Marketing” statement.

    Focus is my biggest problem! I’ve got mad skills in writing, editing, WP niche website creation, and even good ol’ wysiwyg/code html! My problem is in picking products and the rinse and repeat bit ~ I know I waste WAY too much time going in a bazzillion different directions all the time.

    So, thanks for this one Loral ~ I’m off to my first accountability call with Ken, and I am SO excited!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 12:49h, 30 September Reply

    The work that you put into this article is very evident and I enjoyed every word I read. This is truly amazingly great article writing!


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