To Wing It or Not to Wing It…

To Wing It or Not to Wing It…

teleprompterI’ve been speaking at live events for almost 20 years now. I’m considered the best female speaker who can sell from the stage in the world!

So when it comes to speaking it’s not something that I shy away from. I’ve also been doing a lot of video production over the past 10 years as well. Heck, I was in The Secret. That’s a pretty big deal in it of itself.

With that said, most of the videos I shoot in my studio are me just ad-libbing or winging it. You see for me it’s the outcome that matters most, not the quality.

You’ll recall, I’m the Say-Yes-And-Figure-Out-How-Kinda-Girl. That doesn’t mean that I’m not about quality, because I am. It’s just that I value speed and progress more than quality at times.

So, what are your thoughts? Should I continue to wing it or tighten up my presentations?

Before you can answer that let me tell you what I just invested in. I just purchased for my recording studio a professional teleprompter that fits around my camera.

I don’t know why or how I lived without this before? This is the most amazing thing ever!!

It’s not only cutting down on my production time (you see I thought it was faster to wing it) it’s also cutting down on my post-production cost and editing time as well.

There are simple little fixes out there in every business that will help you be more impactful and purposeful, not to mention better.

Where are you ad-libbing or winging it in your business? What tool can you get pick up to help you do things not just a little bit better but a WHOLE lot better?

Do it! Do it today! I should have made my move years ago.

Tell me about yours below.

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