Today Is The Day

Today Is The Day

Money in handEvery week I try my best to inspire you to create new money in your life. My hope is you will take this information and be open and ready for new ideas and opportunities. When tough economic times hit, it’s easy to play into the hype, crawl under a rock and hope if you stay there long enough it will be over quickly.

Right now a lot of folks are looking at things from a negative point of view. The media’s job is to get your attention and an easy way to do that is to focus on the shocking. For the time being, they’ve got the masses under their spell. But the truth is, there’s plenty to be excited about.

I can’t say it enough… economic downturns are the birthplace of ingenuity, creativeness, and above all entrepreneurialism.

If you’ve been following my strategies you already know that I believe there are two kinds of people…

1.) The Creators, Generators, and Expanders

2.) The Restrictors and Dieters

What kind of person are you?

If you are in a cycle of creating, generating, and expanding your wealth and ultimately your life, you’re in a good place. You are the type of person that says “Hey here’s a product, plan or service I can be doing to make new money”. You’re a solution based thinker. You see opportunity when the going gets tough. You’re alert to gaps and niches you can fill in ANY economy. Planning for growth is a big priority. And most of all you’re not playing the victim of circumstance.

People who are restricting and dieting live in fear. They’re the ones screaming “The sky is falling!” They think doing without their “Morning Latte” (or such) in order to save a few dollars is the way to trim costs and eventually get out of debt. They look at a W2 job as the only way to make money. Guess what? If you’re one of these people you are planning for failure.

Don’t get me wrong if you’re in financial peril you’re not alone but the answer is not to restrict and diet your earnings. The answer is to create, generate and expand. You need new money in your life.

Now more than ever is the time to get out there and take responsibility for your own personal economy. Don’t buy into the “woe as me” attitude. It’s your life, your future, and your decision. If you’re stuck in a fog about how this economy is going to affect you and you’re being reactive...

Now is the time to start being PROACTIVE.

The only way to be truly on the path to financial independence is to create new money. Creators, Generators, and Expanders are always on the look out for ways to make cash. Are you?

You have to be creative. Immerse yourself in new ideas. Be in a cycle of continuous learning. Keep focused on goals and new opportunities. And know that they will come. The entrepreneurial spirit is awakened in times like these. It’s that spirit of resilience that creates change in the economy. Be part of the change.

Join me for one of my free webinars, join in on one of my events, read my books… learn! And get in the game!

Ready GO!


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