Transformation Tuesday: Industrial vs. Entrepreneurial Mindset

Transformation Tuesday: Industrial vs. Entrepreneurial Mindset

Monday: Is it Friday yet?

Tuesday: Four. More. Days.

Wednesday: Hump dayyyyyyy!

Thursday: Almost there…

Friday: Is it next Friday yet?Have you heard this anywhere before?

If you’re like a majority of people, you’ve probably uttered these words at your job.

Every week is a drag, every week drains you, and every week pulls at your very existence.

Yet, we continue to put ourselves through this struggle day after day after day.

It doesn’t make sense.

Think about it: What other areas of life do we consistently put ourselves through environments where we’re not happy, with no end in sight?

I can’t think of many other aspects of life where this applies.

However, I DO know the reason behind the problem:

You’re stuck in an industrial mindset.


A similar day-to-day mindset will lead to similar results in your life.

An industrial mindset (or “occupational mindset”) is about minimizing, restricting, and living within your means.

It developed as a result of being raised by elders from the post-Great Depression. We learned from our parents, teachers, and professors – who learned from their parents, teachers, and professors – that getting a job and working hard would get us the security we needed to survive. Well, this industrial way of thinking made sense back then – it’s what got us out of that first depression – but, unfortunately, it’s now a completely outdated and extremely limiting conversation around money that’s no longer serving us. So, while this occupational mentality is not your fault… it’s what’s kept many of you stagnant or falling behind.

The method of thinking you should be in is the “entrepreneurial mindset.”

This mindset is about expanding, creating, and generating wealth.

This is the mindset that few people are courageous enough to have. But it’s oh-so necessary.


Because the ONLY way we’re going to get out of this recession is to allow the brilliant entrepreneurial minds of our generation to do what they do best and start creating wealth.

That being said, I have 2 questions for you:

1) Are you content being a small cog in a big system for the rest of your life, OR do you see something bigger in life?

2) What mindset do you fall in?



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