Using Business ADD to Your Advantage

Using Business ADD to Your Advantage

So I am sitting here, thinking about what to write today after a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I ask my colleague Andrew what I should write about and he responds with a question. “What was your biggest problem today?” My office mate Jessica pipes up. “Your ADD.” I laugh. No one in the community wants to hear about my crazy, multi-tasking, short attention span. Then I thought, hmmmm… maybe you do. Because going a million directions at once is sometimes what owning a business is all about. There’s always a lot of balls in the air and you have to shift your attention frequently between all of them. Will some fall on the floor? Sometimes. You just have to make sure the ones that fall aren’t the critical ones.

Loral will tell you, the concept of balance is infinitely flawed. There is no work-life balance. You have a life and business is a part of your life. If you are among people, you are serving them. As an entrepreneur, that is your calling. You don’t punch a 9 to 5 clock and forget about your business when you are “off.”  You are always “on.”  And, you know what? If you didn’t have the blood, vim, and vigor of an entrepreneur coursing throughout your body, you wouldn’t be reading this blog. Would you?

A lot of people think you need to combat ADD, particularly in business.  I say, use it! I always have a pen and paper, cell phone app, laptop, something to write my ideas down on. I draw inspiration from everywhere (just like you can draw sales from anywhere) and I make sure I have something to capture it.  In your world, that’s an order form to ask for the cash and serve hard. In my world, it’s getting the idea down FAST before it goes poof.

USE your business ADD to your advantage. Keep a notepad and an order form with you at all times. Be ready to take down ideas, make sales, and grow your business – all at once if it moves you.

Loral always says, go, go, go… it doesn’t matter how many different things you are going on – as long as you are doing it and providing the great service to the world you know you can give.

There… blog post done. I only answered about five emails in between, made notes on newsletter ideas (watch for it in your email next week), and ate a cookie.  Business ADD rocks…

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