Wanted: New Mindset New Cash

Wanted: New Mindset New Cash

New Mindset New CashOver the last few weeks we’ve talked a lot about the current economy. Last week in particular I asked you not to panic and I understand it’s easier said than done. There is uncertainty all around us… who will be the next president, what will be the effect on the economy, is there an end to this crisis?

One thing I know is for certain… if you’re not on a path to continuous earning and learning you’re planning for poverty. So many out there are stuck in a toxic mindset. If your well being depends on what’s going on around you it’s time to step up and take responsibility for your own personal economy.

So, your job brings in the bulk of the money, all of which is most likely used to maintain your lifestyle. For most it doesn’t even cover that, so what now? How about treating your life like a business? If a business isn’t bringing in enough revenue you must create ways to make more money, right? What can you do to bring in more money to your “business of life?”

It’s time to shake yourself out of a destructive mindset, if you’re in debt, there’s no rest for the weary. You need to be doing something more than your W2 income to turn it around. If you’re scraping by you’ve got to be out there generating money for your wealth and future financial independence day.

Shift and adjust to your surroundings, don’t let your surroundings crash down on you.

Every one of you has the ability to create extra income. It’s understandable that you’re tired when you’re done with your day-to-day job, but if you’re serious about building wealth and becoming financially free, you must commit to some hard work in the beginning. That means let your 9 to 5 job pay your bills and pick up some work on the side. Start creating small cycles of income at first and keep building on that.

What people seem to miss in the Cash Machine concept, and this goes back to mindset, is your cash machine is not your dream job… it’s not your passion. It’s your fastest path to cash.

If you’re one of those people that say “Oh Loral, I don’t have any talents, I can’t make money with what I know”. Before you can move forward you have to escape that toxic mindset. EVERYONE can be doing something to move forward in wealth… EVERYONE!

I hope you’re past that kind of thinking.

If you need just a little help wakening your inspiration muscle, here are a few suggestions… I got these by looking on Craig’s List to see what other people are doing right now in cities all over the United States.

There were some really good ideas! Take a look for yourself sometime soon.

Weekend Redecorator – This smart cookie says she can redecorate your living space with items you already have in one day for a flat rate! I bet she’s raking it in.

Christmas Light Installer – A father and son will hang your holiday lights AND come back to take them down! I could use this guy.

Hire My Husband – Handyman couple on call for a flat per hour rate. If you’re smart you’ll go along with hubby and get referrals while he’s busy with repairs!

Used Car Inspection – I love this one. If you’re a mechanic, you really could do well with a few ads in the local for sale by owner sections of the paper and a Craig’s list ad! What a great side gig for the right person and a great service to those less mechanically inclined!

Packing and Unpacking Service – People hate to pack when they have to move make this transition easier… try to offer something free like moving boxes. (You can pick up recycled ones for free all over… you just have to know where to look.)

Leaf Removal – This is something anyone can do, all you need is a rake and some leaf bags! If you have a green thumb you can winterize gardens too.

Seamstress/Taylor – An ad catering to those who are losing weight and can’t afford new clothes might be a niche you could easily fall into if your good with a needle and thread.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Turn your mindset around. Become an expert in your field. If your talent is broad try streamlining it… you can always expand!

If you don’t like where you are financially, do something about it today. It’s ok to start small. Fact is it’s how it’s done.

Ready GO!


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