Wealth Blizzard

Wealth Blizzard

The Wealth Blitz in Costa Mesa was more like a blizzard than a blitz. The storm was so strong that it knocked you off your feet. We left there on an emotional high. I want to have this feeling of hope and excitement all the time.

The Live Out Loud group and all the people attending are such a fantastic group. So many opportunities and joint ventures were available.  You just have to open your eyes and open your mind to the amount of abundance life has to offer.

At the event we broke out into small groups and was able to learn from Ms Langemeier’s team of experts.  The team consisted of Accountants, Attorneys, Marketing Experts, Strategist, Investors. There were all sorts of resources to help us with our cash machine and business.

We were able to relate to a lot of the people attending the event.  We all had some discussion of “the story” of where we were and where we wanted to be in the future. Found out we were all looking for solutions to our money challenges as well as information on how to build wealth.

Live Money Makeovers were done at the event where real solutions to real problems of actual people were discussed. There are a lot of makeovers such as what to wear, what makeup to use, how to improve your mental and physical health.  There is not much out there like this financial makeover.  This makeover focused more on making money and correcting mistakes, not so much on limiting your life and budget. Wouldn’t the economy and people be in a better place if we had more shows on television that showed you how to change your financial future?

I am believing more and more that with the proper tools, knowledge and team that any financial situation can be solved.  Just seeing the financial makeovers gave us ideas of what we can now do.  Ms Loral Langemeier says it is so easy to do.  I am anxious to see what is next.  I am excited to get the necessary team.

Do you want to be rich? Do you want to live your dream?  Do you want to change your life and future? I believe going to the Big Table will be our Big opportunity.  Find out more as we go through this wonderful journey in life.

Amy Yoshimitsu
Lois Threlkeld

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