What’s Next

What’s Next

We attended our last Big Table (LBT 55) meeting a few days ago.  It was sunny and warm when we left Los Angeles in the morning and snowy and cold when we got to Tahoe that evening. There was such a drastic difference not only in the weather but also in attendance.

Seemed like only the die hard made it to all 3 Big Table meetings.  There seemed to be about 50% less than when we first attended back in February.  Some did not make it due to family issues, some due to the economic changes, and some I am not even sure  if they will complete the program. It takes a lot of determination to make the trip and to complete the program.  We have been in it for about 240 days.  So what have we learned?

We are given a fire hose of information and investment opportunities, some of which I had not known existed.  There were investment opportunities in Oil And Gas, Options/ Calls/ Puts and prior to that, opportunities in Real Estate, Franchises, and other Business Ventures. It can be confusing and over whelming.  There is a lot of due dilligence required for every business venture.  At least we  know these resources are available.

The key is to focus.  We are focused on Real Estate and investing in Cash Flow Properties.
We are also focused on PrePaid Legal as another stream of income.  More than ever we need to have multiple streams of income and multiple teams to be successful.

What other streams of income do you have?

At the Big Table meeting we got the opportunity  to present our PrePaid Legal business  in front of the group. We got great feedback from everyone including Loral and Martha from Market Out Loud.

It was suggested that we present the membership first before discussing being an associate.  Being an associate allows you to make money by selling the membership.  Apparently it is less confusing when you only promote one aspect.  This type of marketing has been compared to dating.  There needs to be a get to know you first, a sort of romance.  Guess I have to “date” more in business vs getting “married”.

Some other things we learned was about pre – eminence?  What makes you different than any other company or business?  Decide who is your target audience/ market. We have to look into why someone would want to be a part of our team and sign up with us vs go with someone else. We need to ask our investors and other clients to provide us with feedback.

I am not sure what is next now that we have completed our last Big Table meeting.  We have another 120 days with our mastermind group and with our coach.  There is so much to do and not enough time in a day.  All we can do is take one day at a time and do the necessary steps to build and grow our business.  I will persist till I succeed is a great motto.  I will continue to learn and model successful businesses. I will contine searching for  great teams and joint ventures.

Thank you Loral, Live Out Loud community and staff, and LBT55 for being a part of our family.


Amy Yoshimitsu
Lois Threlkeld

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