What’s Your Brand?

What’s Your Brand?

Branding is extremely important when it comes to your Cash Machine. If you’re following the strategies I teach then you’re modeling after an existing business. We all know there’s nothing new under the sun however when it comes to creating a sustainable Cash Machine you should be separating yourself from your model company with your take on how you are viewed by your customers.

How will your packaging of goods or services be different then your competition?

Your “brand” is what makes you stand out. Think of branding as a personality. You’ll find that when you’re offering the same or similar products and services as your model company future prospects will make a decision based on their personal preference. People tend to go off of what they like, how they feel when they see and talk with you, and what they think of you. If there’s little to no difference from your competitors it may come down to something as simple as whether or not they like you personally and how you’re packaged.

Branding is what makes you unique. It’s important to create a brand presence that will be easily recognized and remembered. For example if your Cash Machine business is a bakery for pets and your name is Susan Baker you’d be wise to think of something fun and catchy. Susan’s Pet Bakery is an obvious choice why not something like Baker’s Barkery! Do you see where I’m going here?

Keep in mind when you’re creating your brand identity try to stay within the parameter of what you offer. If your Cash Machine has too much of an abstract name you’ll end up spending valuable time explaining what you do and how you arrived at that business name when you should be making the sale. Remember you want the fastest path to cash here so your identity should be centered on your objectives. There are ways to accomplish both. If you are going for something fun and witty make sure you are also communicating your directives.

Here are a few tips to get the wheels turning…

Build a brand that conveys value.
You want your customers and future prospects see your brand and logo think of something of value.

Stand out!
It’s ok to be bold but make sure not to go too overboard with your choices. Stay within the framework of your prime objectives.

Create a slogan.
Have a good one liner to go along with the name of your Cash Machine. For example you know me as ‘Loral Langemier the Millionaire Maker’.

Design a quality logo.
If this kind of work is not up your ally don’t slap just anything together. Hire a graphic designer to create a logo that is clean, streamlined, and modern. You want to people to know it’s you when they see your logo. For example when you see the Golden Arches off the highway there’s a McDonald’s at the next exit, right?

When it comes to creating a brand for your Cash Machine think image. How do you want to be portrayed? Who is your audience? What is your focus? Where is your business headed? Think future. Think success!

Ready GO!


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