When People Become Desperate – They Make Stuff Up

When People Become Desperate – They Make Stuff Up

When People Become Desperate – They Make Stuff UpWe all have stories and excuses that we tell ourselves. It’s human nature I guess?

We don’t or can’t for some reason be brutally honest with ourselves but we sure can dish it out to others when we want.

What if we were able to turn that harshness inward? What more would we be able to accomplish? What would we stop doing that’s currently sabotaging our efforts?

When you have nothing left to blame you make stuff up.

It’s easier to believe that you’re not successful because you’re a victim of some outside influence or event. Heck, it’s a lot easier for us to tell our loved ones, like friends and family, that the reason why things haven’t worked out for us isn’t because I’m not trying but really because of X.

Let’s get real.

In my book, YES! Energy, I share a few things that have happened to me like losing my company’s ENTIRE database, being fired and finding out I was pregnant. All of these things I take full responsibility for – especially the pregnancy part. ☺ There is no one that I can blame for them but myself.

I can’t tell you how empowering it was for me to stop running from responsibility. By making this decision I’ve taken control of my life and the direction I am heading. No longer was I a passenger, sitting in the backseat of my life letting others drive and control my destiny and outcome.

I’ve heard it said that you play the lead role in your life, so why not write the part that you want.

Here at Live Out Loud we hear excuses all day long.

Some of them we’ve heard more than once. While this list doesn’t reflect any one person it does reflect those that give them to us a whole.

Also note, while we’re sharing these in a lighthearted way we in no way diminish any real hurt or pain that some of the real excuses might represent for those that experienced them firsthand.

Some of the excuses listed are what you would call legitimate ones and others you’ll have to ask yourself if they’re really true or not. Nonetheless these are excuses we’ve personally received either in writing or verbally from our customers.

When People Become Desperate – They Make Stuff Up

Truthfully, when you look at some of these excuses for not moving forward with their lives you can’t help but ask the question, what if this was a test?

We know that there’s opposition in all things. What if by taking the stance to move forward financially you were being challenged? Challenged to see if what you said you really wanted to do was indeed really your desire or not. What if by succumbing to your excuses you failed the test by caving in?

The only way to know is to stand up and stick to your commitments.

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