Where’s the Opportunity for Each of These Business? Part 1

13 Dec Where’s the Opportunity for Each of These Business? Part 1

Where’s the Opportunity for Each of These BusinessIf you saw me on The Secret you know that I believe that there’s a silver lining in everything. Heck, if you’ve read chapter 1 of Yes! Energy you know that I’ve not had things come easy to me in my life, but I’ve been able to seize the lesson from each experience.

I found this CNN video and there is a HUGE sales and marketing opportunity for each one of these businesses. In fact there’s several opportunities for each one. Can you find them? What are your thoughts?

In comments section below let me know what you think each of these companies can do to succeed. For the best submission you’ll get one of my books for free. Be sure when you’re leaving your submission to leave your email address so we can reach you.

Tomorrow, I’ll announce the winner and give you my take on what each one of these businesses can do immediately to improve their sales and marketing.

Here’s the video:

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