Why you should solicit guest bloggers

Why you should solicit guest bloggers

One of the easiest and quickest ways to pack your website with relevant information and build your SEO is by writing a blog.

That doesn’t mean supplying regular articles for this blog is actually easy, though. In fact, many companies don’t have one because they can’t handle the effort it demands. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to not only include a blog on your website but to keep it up-to-date: solicit guest posts.

The first reason you should solicit guest posts is also the most obvious: it relieves your company of work. Someone else will handle the writing for you. Depending on the circumstances, they may even supply the topic they’ll be writing about. So long as you compensate them, you get a tailor-made blog post that will benefit your company.

Speaking of compensation, it doesn’t always need to take the form of actual money either, which is another reason to consider guest posting. Sometimes, all it takes is providing a backlink to the blogger’s own page. They get extra page views for their website; you get happier visitors. There are a number of other ways to compensate guest bloggers, too, so be creative and you’ll see your overhead shrink considerably.

Guest blogging won’t just result in happier customers, though. It may also result in new ones.

If you pick a blogger who has a substantial following of their own, you can depend on their market potentially becoming yours. Just as you may compensate some bloggers by linking to their website, more established bloggers can benefit you by doing the same. You may need to compensate them more than the average writer, but if you do your due diligence properly, this may turn out to be a very worthwhile investment.

Also, consider the advantages that can be gained from returning the favor. Something as simple as blog posts could actually turn into the strategic partnership you’ve been looking for (or weren’t looking for, but can still benefit from). If you work with someone in your industry who isn’t a competitor, you or your writer can give their website a blog post for doing the same in return.

With the right article and backlink, you can establish yourself as an authority to a whole new market and potentially attract new customers.

Blogs are so easy to start that many companies take them for granted. Some disregard them because they think they’re too difficult to maintain. Thanks to guest posts, blogs can become an effective—and affordable—marketing tool. Just apply the above advice to ensure you solicit the best writers.

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