Why You?

Why You?

Our earlier coaching calls were with Rusty Kochis for our Real Estate Investment Business. Great information was provided to help us manage our properties. We are active in the Real Estate Investment clubs and have several mentors /resources so we felt we needed help in other areas.

Had our coaching call with Martha Hanlon of Market Out Loud for our PrePaid Legal business. Marketing and Sales are so important to any business, without it there would be no income.

There are so many similar products and services that a customer or client could choose to patronize any one. It is rare to have a business that is so unique that only one of its kind exist. The big question then is why would anyone want to do business with you or your company especially if they do not know you. Some of the suggestions we were given was to determine your pre-eminence. What makes you or your company different and special? What is your unique selling proposition?

Loral is the millionaire maker. She promotes a bigger, better life focused on income through your cash machine versus a W2 job. Emphasis is placed on income vs debt.

What do we represent?
We promote time and money freedom through the business opportunity with PrePaid Legal Services. They have the best compensation plan and the best resources and training. When you join our nationwide team and / or sign up for the service through us, you are provided with ongoing support. We go out of our way and work hard so you get paid and promoted.

Another suggestion was to get testimonials or success stories for validation. These should include the problem, how you solved it and what was the end result. It is not enough to simply state that you are great and your customer would continue to do business with you. Ask your existing and past clients for their opinions.

Amy Yoshimitsu
Lois Threlkeld

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