Wild Card Shuffle extended – 2 more grand prizes

Wild Card Shuffle extended – 2 more grand prizes

HUGE announcement!!!!!

Sooooo, my 18-days-of-giveaways-&-discounts #WildCardShuffle technically ended yesterday… I gave away over $100,000 & thousands of other dollars in discounts – it was AWESOME.

But I gave it some long thought yesterday & I wanted to give away 2 MORE GRAND PRIZES, just as a thank you & to show my appreciation for the mass participation!

The first grand prize is a ticket to my world-renowned 3 Days to Cash – a $2,495 value. This is the only workshop in the world that GUARANTEES you to make new money. I’ve hosted this workshop for over 9 years around the world & people have walked away with as much as $48,804!

The second grand prize is a ticket to my brand-new Make New Money online program – a $597 value. This is a compact version of my 3 Days to Cash, plus it’s 100% online! Yup, this program is hosted through video conferencing, so you don’t have to leave your home. The last time I hosted this program in November 2014, our highest earner made $31,373!

Both of these programs are HUGE money-makers…and you have the chance to win entry into them absolutely FREE.

All you have to do is take a spin on www.wildcardshuffle.com & you have a chance to win these prizes. Then, be the first caller and you WIN!

You gotta go NOW because these won’t last long. GO! www.wildcardshuffle.com

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