Wild Card Shuffle

Wild Card Shuffle

I’m a gamer. Video games, poker, blackjack, board games – you name it, I’ll play it. Which is why I was so excited when Loral decided to do Wild Card Shuffle this month to celebrate all of the birthdays in the Live Out Loud Community (including hers and mine, too.) This game is seriously fun and I’ve been playing every day as soon as I get in to work. Why? Because the discounts you can win on this thing even blow my employee discount out of the water. It’s awesome! You can win every day too!  LOVE those odds.

So far I have won really deep discounts on Yes! Energy drink (LOVE the stuff), a Yes! Energy hot/cold thermos (perfect for the beach), and three of Loral’s five bestsellers.  I haven’t hit the jackpot yet, a CRAZY discount on 3 Days to Cash, but I am playing every day. 

Here is the full list what you could win a BIG discount on by playing Wild Card Shuffle  (guaranteed you will get one a BIG discount on one of these items, chosen randomly, each day):

  • Yes! Energy Thermos
  • Yes! T-shirts
  • Yes! Energy Drinks
  • *Cash Machine Workbook
  • Building, Leading and Protecting Your Business
  • Ticket to a 3 Days to Cash Workshop
  • The Millionaire Maker Game
  • *Online Blitz
  • The Millionaire Maker Book
  • Yes! Energy Book
  • Put More Cash In Your Pocket Book
  • Wealth Cycle Investing Book
  • Cash Machine for Life Book
  • *Fast Cash Coaching
  • *Marketing 101
  • Debt Elimination Roadmap
  • Millionaire Roadmap

* Asterisks denote digital products/downloads

Play Wild Card Shuffle Now! 

Tell me, tell me… what did you win?

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