Wild, Wonderful, BIG Life

Wild, Wonderful, BIG Life

Loral at NASDAQ in NYCAs I sit here in New York, soaking in the good vibes all around me and the recent news about the #1 status of “Yes! Energy: The Equation to Do Less, Make More,” I have to reflect on what a wild, wonderful, BIG life I have had and thank YOU for being a part of it.  A big, big, big part of success is surrounding yourself with people who have the same high energy as you and I feel that every member of this Live Out Loud Community is bubbling over with energy right now.  You are posting reviews of the book on Amazon.com and other sites. You are spreading Yes! Energy to everyone you know (and even people you don’t). YOU have brought this movement to life.  YOU are the reason that this massive, 10 ton gorilla of a message is spreading like wildfire.

What are your intentions for your life? When I started writing this book, my intention was always to be a bestseller. I put it out there. I have had books that have been bestsellers before (four times before in fact) but this one is really special because I am seeing the ripple effect of it throughout the world.  I saw it as soon as we started pre-selling the book and I am seeing it now in book stores.  It’s that light in people’s eyes… that acknowledgement that they are holding some special ideas in their hands and their excitement to start consuming those ideas.

What is your project? What project do YOU have that is going to light up the world? I know you have one.  I know you do and I know you have what it takes to make it a reality and live that wild, wonderful, BIG life you deserve. Whatever it is, go after it.  Go, go, go and don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your EVERY dream.  Because I will tell you, the only person who can stop you in this world is YOU, no one else.

Go out and LIVE with Yes! Energy.  Today and every day is YOUR day!

And thank you again for helping make this game changer a bestseller.  New York Times list – here we come!

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