Words of Wisdom from Justin Timberlake

Words of Wisdom from Justin Timberlake

justing timberlake the 20 20 experience

Justin Timberlake
20/20 Experience
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A mentor of mine has told me time and time again that you never want to follow the crowds when it comes to marketing your business.

His words are:

“Look at what everyone else is doing and do the EXACT opposite.”

Well, it looks like good ol’ JT took his words to heart.

Justin just released his newest album, The 20/20 Experience, March 19th. However for the week leading up to its release he decided to have it stream for free on Spotify, Rdio and most importantly the iTunes store.

For many musicians this is a big no, no because it can decrease sales to almost nothing.

Why? If people can have it for free, why would you want to buy it?

That’s just it.

JT’s album was only released for one week. People got to listen to it for a week to decide if they liked it or not.

As soon as it wasn’t available anymore they’d have to buy it. At least that’s the theory.

What happened next was even better than that.

Massive amounts of people decided to pre-order his album.

In fact it became the most pre-ordered album in iTunes history! In their first week they sold 980,000 copies.

Beating out his record label’s expectation by 63%!!

Another byproduct of not following the crowd or the norm is that you stand out and get recognition for being different.

What are the norms in your business or industry that have you lost in the crowd?

What can you do differently to not only get more noticeability but like Justin make WAY more money than any of your nearest competitors?

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