Yes! Energy: Big Hairy Audacious Goals

Yes! Energy: Big Hairy Audacious Goals

halikIn last Thursdays summit, I interview Nik Halik, Author of The Thrillionaire, who has built a following around a powerful message and a sense of adventure which is rivaled by few people on Earth.

When talking to Nik, my thoughts always center around how to convey such an untamed sense of adventure to the community, many of which are holding back their Yes! Energy more than ever before.

A shift in conversation is desperately needed, which often means a shift in perspective. It was in this thought that I realized what it is about Nik that constantly keeps him focused on new ideas, new mountains to climb and an abundance of energy that shows up in all areas of his life.

In Building Your Company’s Vision by James Collins and Jerry Porras, they define these shifts as your “Big Hairy Audacious Goal.” Individually and in organizations, a “BHAG servers as a unifying focal point of effort” with a “clear finish line.” So why is it our education, political and community systems often spend so much time training us out of the ability to set these goals?

Most of the developed countries in the world are suffering from a deficit of dreams. Somewhere along the way, it was determined that an enrichment of spirit was somehow flying in the face of progress. Yet, sometimes the best solutions are found within the “ridiculousness” of the Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

Even better, setting ambitious goals has been found to lead to happier lives. In an important point, the study states:

“Safe bets, generally speaking, are less valuable ones,” she says. “So once you’ve achieved the relatively easy goal, it’s only natural to think about what it’s cost you in terms of value—and that’s going to reduce your satisfaction.”

In the Yes! Energy Equation, there are multiple factors related to both goal setting and the overall impact of a strong spirit in all areas of your life. To get to that point, your daily activities must include the following:

Begin your day by tapping into your inner spirit. Regardless of how spirit is defined to you, each day must begin with building your energy in a positive way. This may include prayer, meditation or simple reflection to visualize the day ahead.

Dare to dream. During this energy restoring period, don’t be afraid to venture into what might seem “ridiculous.” Challenge any cynical voices or negativity that has built up in you. Why do you have these ideas in the first place? Where did they come from? How are they any more realistic than your dreams on the opposite end of the spectrum?

Share your energy. In the end, most of us are actually striving to give more than we receive. Just as you would mastermind in other areas, find someone or a group of people that you can use to help build momentum around these positive ideas.

Tune out the chatter. The world, especially the media, are engaged in a draining conversation. As a result, many of us are carrying that frustration into other areas of our lives. With Yes! Energy in our lives, you must protect your energy by tuning out or completely eliminating these negative influences.

What Big Hairy Audacious Goals have you set for yourself for the next month? For the next year? What reflections do you do each day to make sure you’re staying on that path? Where do you need more support?

Our goal is to help you create your goal, which means staying in conversation each day. Share your reflections below and let’s build a different vision together!

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