Yes! Energy Celebration Attendees Are Inspired!

Yes! Energy Celebration Attendees Are Inspired!

Cheering Business WorkersThis weekend, I assisted those who purchased the online stream and facilitated their conversations about how Yes! Energy could be infused throughout their lives. It was an incredibly powerful two days. Even sitting in Nevada, I felt tears slipping down my cheeks.  My world was opened.

When I logged on to our Facebook page this morning, I saw that I was not the only person who was emotionally moved and propelled toward a life filled with Yes! Energy – so were our attendees.  As Loral travels back from San Diego, I thought I would dedicate today’s blog post to the light that has been brought into the lives of some of those attendees. This was a serve, not sell, event, which meant that the only thing for sale were books and no selling took place from the stage.
At Live Out Loud, we serve entrepreneurs and the impact of that service is crytal clear in these comments.  Moving forward, just remember – “Inspiration without action is only entertainment.” – Mary Morrissey

“What a BLESSING to be in the presence and energy of all these amazing teachers at the YES Celebration. To be showered with their wisdom, brilliance and inspiration….wow! A life changing event. Thank you Loral and all the LOL staff for putting on a heart and soul awakening event. In gratitude….What a call to ACTION to step it up!” – OH Bar

“WOW…what an incredible weekend!! It was a “pinch me” type experience….being inspired by 15+ AMAZING people in one room in one weekend. THANK YOU Loral and team for saying ‘YES!” for all of us!!!!!” – Michelle Bean Milosevich

“I had so much to say that I had to put it on my blog so you can see how deeply moved and changed I have become! I needed to share with all my individual community– Here it is!” – Marti Angel

“Was a great group of speakers and more~A message to share with the world as Shel Silverstein said, ‘Anything is possible, anything can be.’ Yes, Energy ;~)” – Rosemarie D’Amiani

“A bit of personal take away from today’s Yes Energy Celebration…” – Debra Jones

The inspiration and transformations are amazing!  If you want to be featured on the blog this week, send me a sentence or two about what the Yes! Energy Celebration meant to you. Keep it in the spirit of the Celebration, serving not selling.  It’s going to be a wonderful week of reflection!

  • Nidia
    Posted at 23:06h, 31 January Reply

    I am thankful of being part of your yoga class and find all the good things inside of me; spiritual, mentally and emotionally.

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