Yes! Energy: Does Casual Friday Mean Casual Results?

Yes! Energy: Does Casual Friday Mean Casual Results?

Casual FridayYou’ve heard me say it many times over: “The strongest energy always wins.”

It is in our nature, especially as the weekend grows closer, to start slowing down and allowing our energy to drift off. Yet, it is often in this time that our most powerful exchanges with others can take place, particularly from a business or sales perspective.

When you are living a unified life, the need to regularly “Thank God for Friday” starts to become less important, as we grow into a process of “Thanking God for Every Day.” There is no need for an energy divide to put troublesome or trivial things behind you. You will simply not engage in those activities at any point.

This is not to say that you will have chores or menial activities that must be completed each and every day. But as part of living a life you truly want, you will do less of the activities that you dread, sourcing them out to a team or partners who actually enjoy them and have incentive to do so.

Eventually, this means that each day will grow to reflect your overall energy. Why do you really hate Mondays? Are you the type that starts losing sleep on Sunday night having to plan your week ahead? What is the actual PURPOSE of “Casual Friday” other than to create “Casual Results?”

Personally, I’ve experienced a lot of this push back in many areas of my life. I’ve been told to sit down and have a meal when I’m not hungry simply because that is the “designated time to eat.” I’ve been told to take a seat at the “little table,” but instead just pulled my chair right up to the “Big Table” to understand the larger conversations. I’ve had other speakers or businesses question why I put so much emphasis around creating huge momentum and activity during the holiday season when most others are slowing down to a crawl.

Live Out Loud is the result of endless questioning of the tiny saboteurs that actually keep you from big results.

Oh, and despite all of the questioning or skepticism, the holidays are typically one of the biggest sources of business, momentum and energy around my business. Also, many of the biggest events in my business have occurred on Fridays.

Why does this happen? It isn’t some sort of big secret, it’s simply that I question everything. This isn’t to say that you should always be asking from a skeptical or cynical place, but you must understand where these behavior patterns and traditions began. Why can’t every day be a holiday? Why can’t we take a day off whenever we want instead of carefully reserving them for when we are sick (when our energy is the lowest)? If eating replenishes our energy, why not just eat when we are hungry?

The disappointing fact is that most of these traditions are born from scarcity. The only way to break free of scarcity-based thinking is simply to break out of the mold and do something different.

What can you do to create amazing results today and throw away what’s “typical?” You’ve got the whole day to find out!

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