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“Yes! Energy: The Equation to Do Less, Make More,” by Loral Langemeier, Reaches Number One on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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Yes! Energy small bookcoverFebruary 22, 2012Yes! Energy the Equation to Do Less, Make More, by Loral Langemeier, has reached the number one position on the Barnes and Noble and Amazon Bestseller Lists. After releasing on February 21, 2012, the book surged to the top of both lists, reaching number one on Barnes and Noble yesterday and Amazon early this morning. Yes! Energy is the fifth bestselling book by Langemeier who also authored the three-book Millionaire Maker Series as well as Put More Cash in Your Pocket.

“I am so thrilled that Yes! Energy has reached the top of Barnes and Noble and Amazon’s bestseller lists. It speaks to the fact that Yes! Energy is a positive message people want to learn about and adopt into their lives,” said Langemeier. “I believe that Yes! Energy will become more than just a book. We have already witnessed its impact within our own community of clients, fans and families.”

Indeed more than just the title of the book, Yes! Energy, the term coined by Langemeier, describes the ability to draw upon your inner talents and capabilities to start living a life of abundance and success. To help reader understand and implement Yes! Energy into their lives, Langemeier introduces her Yes! Energy Equation. The Equation is formula centered on a change in conversation, faith, certainty, confidence, dreams and gifts that, when supported and sequenced correctly, can lead to extreme optimism and energy.

As Langemeier guides readers through the equation, she also shares how it has been effective in her own life. At its core, Yes! Energy is a very personal book that explores Langemeier’s journey from humble beginnings, through turbulent times, to becoming the Founder and CEO of a multimillion dollar, global enterprise. In the end, Langemeier demonstrates that the ability to tap into the most productive energy and improve your life is just a turn of the page away.

Langemeier is today’s most visible and innovative money expert. She accelerates the conversation about money, sharing how to not just survive this tough economic climate, but how to succeed and thrive. As Founder and CEO of Live Out Loud, Inc., Langemeier travels the world as a leading entrepreneurial speaker, coach and mentor. Now a five-time bestselling author, Langemeier is a single mother, respected employer and avid philanthropist. For more information on Langemeier and Yes! Energy: The Equation to Do Less, Make More, please visit:


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