Yes! Energy: It’s In Everyone

Yes! Energy: It’s In Everyone

Girl - That Was AwesomeMy mom used to tell me, “Diane, if there is something you want in the world – you just go out and get it.”  At the time, she was saying that to get me off the phone. (I was always on the phone working to get what I want.)  One time that really sticks out is my mind is the day I really wanted to go skating with my church, but my mom couldn’t take me. So I did what came naturally to me when I heard the word no. I picked up the phone and I called everyone in my church until I found a ride. I went skating that day and had a blast for one reason, I didn’t let the word NO stop me.

There are little examples of this throughout my life, but it didn’t have a name or a business application until I met Loral Langemeier. My mom just saw me as that precocious little girl (now the precocious adult) who goes out and gets whatever she wants in life without regard for what is typical or what other people think is possible. Now I know I had (and have) something that is very valuable to tap into, something anyone can source, Yes! Energy.

As Loral says in her book, releasing next month, “Because I knew what I knew, I could do what I do. Which sometimes meant committing to what I knew I had to do before I knew how to do it.”

All I knew is I was going to get to that skating rink (40 miles away) come hell or high water. So even if I knew friends couldn’t give me a ride, I called them to attend.  I told them, “be there! I’m going to be there.”  The key difference that Loral has taught me between this and the Law of Attraction is ACTION.  Sure, I could have done like a lot of little girls do. I could have cried.  I could have wished for something to happen in life. But, being who I was – a precocious kid filled with something I didn’t know was called Yes! Energy – I made it happen.

Yes! Energy is in everyone, you just have to work out that muscle and make it strong to use it and the Yes! Energy formula to create positive change in your life.  It’s more than saying yes now and figuring out how (although that’s a big part of it) it’s about that faith, confidence and certainty that you will succeed. Yeah, there are naysayers in the world. I don’t know one naysayer who is as successful as Loral or those she surrounds herself with.

This weekend, Loral will be the keynote speaker at the Yes! Energy Celebration in San Diego, California. No surprise… it’s sold out – not an empty seat in the place to be had.  I’m going to be sitting in my comfy living room watching the whole thing unfold live via streaming video and I couldn’t be more excited about it. These experts have been living Yes! Energy their entire lives and now hundreds will benefit live from what they have to say.  I’ll be one of them on the Internet stream.  Join me!  We’ll learn so much and maybe you can tell me what a Yes! Energy filled child you were.  (I bet you were awesome… just like you are now.)


  • Sandra
    Posted at 16:10h, 30 January Reply

    This is a great article Diane, and I love to read stories about how people work around challenges- you really wanted something and went for it.

    I wish more people would share their stories and post in both the private LOL Forums and in the open “community” Forum about how they cleverly and intuitively found their way to success via such creative ways.

    I test drove a Mini Cooper this past weekend. A Mini Cooper monthly payment is not currently a part of my current reality, but I wanted to get a “taste” and imagine myself driving that car, and therefore pushing to manifest the income needed to cover it! Now that I am crushing seriously on this car I am really looking hard at a way I can afford it!

    • Leah Nash
      Posted at 12:43h, 31 January Reply

      Hey Sandra! I’m n the same boat as you re- Mini Coopers! Ha! I consider it in the cue, just hasn’t shown up yet as I have more things to work through til I get there, but get there I will! & won’t we be just darlin’ drivin our cute lil cars 🙂

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