Yes! Energy Makes Life More Livable

Yes! Energy Makes Life More Livable

Stack of TiresThere are some people out there who can’t say yes to anything without polling their lives to death.  Some of them have been doing it for so long that it feels unnatural NOT to issue a poll on even the smallest of decisions.  As a result, what they see as slow, methodical, decision making is actually costing them opportunities and money. They are known as the tire kickers of the world. They will question everything and kick every tire before eventually, maybe, saying yes or watching the opportunity fly past them at lightening speed.

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a horrible way to live.

Not only is this way of life the exact OPPOSITE of Yes! Energy, it’s a drag.  We’ve all met someone like this, or can identify it in ourselves at one time or another. This constant polling results in one thing, regret.  It’s the I should have, could have, would have, if only conversation that comes from a consistent pattern of saying NO. A few blogs back, I wrote about the fact that two year olds lack Yes! Energy because they say no all the time. With that no, they will stop conversations that most likely will lead to something that is good for them.  As adults, we grow up a bit, but we can grow up in one of two ways.  We can embrace our innate Yes! Energy or we can get stuck in the muck of MAYBE.  Maybe might keep up in the conversation, but not for long. It’s a delaying tactic until we can poll ourselves, write our pro and con lists, discuss it with everyone we know, post it on Facebook and possibly come back with an answer.

Here is a fact.  Opportunities WILL pass you by if you get suck in the muck of MAYBE.

When you embrace your Yes! Energy, you will be surprise how much more livable life becomes.  Instead of fighting the current, you start to go with it.  Life is an exciting journey, but too many people fight it and don’t embrace their Yes! Energy to go with the flow and make decisions.

Repeat after me….

Say YES! now and then figure out how.

Getting stuck in the how in in the muck of maybe will get you hung up in the current of life every time.  Try it this week. Say Yes! to something that you normally would poll yourself about.  Say Yes! to your Strategist or Coach if they recommend something that will bring you business. If you live near or have always wanted to visit Las Vegas, say Yes! to 3 Days to Cash Las Vegas.  At the very least, say Yes! to a free sample chapter of “Yes! Energy: The Equation to Do Less and Make More” and learn about all of the positive events that embracing your Yes! Energy can spark.

Stop fighting the current and polling yourself out of opportunities.  Say YES!

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