Yes! Energy: The “Sequence” to Success

Yes! Energy: The “Sequence” to Success

NumbersHow many times have you experienced this feeling:

You’re working as hard as you possibly can, investing your time and energy into getting your business off the ground. You’re developing content, drawing up a business plan or talking to your peers about ways to really get going. Days or even weeks pass in this cycle of activity. After you “wake up” from this feeling, you find that you aren’t really achieving the results you wanted. Sure, you’ve got a lot of things done, but you realize that despite all of the activity you aren’t any closer to the financial, personal or spiritual goal you’ve set out for yourself.

First of all, you’re not alone in that feeling. There’s a real reason why so many new entrepreneurs or businesses fail within that first year.

The secret is in the “sequence,” which simply means doing the right thing in the right order.

That said, the things that many of us identify as the most important tasks emotionally are not actually the ones that will move us closer to our eventual goal.

Trust me, this isn’t about making anyone “wrong,” but it’s about clearly identifying the fastest path to what we really want without taking the various off ramps along the way. It’s SO easy to get lost in distraction, busy work or the demands of others on our time and energy. In our previous blog, we discussed how these drains on energy lead to overall frustration and fatigue, but the sequence is actually the solution to making sure that none of these things happen in the first place.

In financial terms, success begins and ends with marketing and sales. If these activities are NOT your top priority each and every day, it’s time to re-sequence and reset your priorities. Too often, new entrepreneurs get stuck in the pattern of endless creation and invention. While our ideas may be brilliant, the lack of feedback from marketing and sales interaction can doom them to failure from the very beginning.

In a Yes! Energy conversation, your process begins and ends with feedback. In the beginning, the feedback you need is to verify your idea or model and course correct prior to launching on a wider scale. Exercises like talking to 21 new people per day can help you identify gaps and perfect your process. In the end, the feedback will help you develop future content, relationships and even products. This allows you to create based on what your audience ACTUALLY wants, rather than what you think they want.

In personal terms, success actually begins with similar elements. Your daily conversations actually have a tremendous impact on ALL areas of your success. Understanding what type of behavior motivates you versus what brings you down is vital. You must clearly identify who advises you, who motivates you and who holds you accountable.

In spiritual terms, most of us simply do not invest the time to these personal pursuits. By beginning each day with an understanding of what enriches your life, whether it’s prayer, meditation or just deep thought, you will find that the challenges become easier to overcome.

By identifying and remaining in this new conversation each day, the benefits will become clearer and success will grow.

Which area is the most organized for you? Which area needs more attention and a better plan?

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