Yes! Energy: What Do You Give Back?

Yes! Energy: What Do You Give Back?

With the beginning of our exciting Yes! Energy Summit in a week, I have been personally engaged in a number of conversations with different visionaries, thought leaders and entrepreneurs to discuss a variety of personal and professional topics. Throughout those conversations, one of the most consistent themes raised breaks down to a single word: Legacy.

All people, but entrepreneurs in particular, strive to have an impact on the world around them by solving problems or consistently giving more than they take away from others. Entrepreneurs approach this with the specific tack of providing innovative and creative solutions to the problems that we face in our daily lives. The technology platforms that have become vital in all aspects of our life.

There are very few people in the past forty years who have had a bigger impact on our personal or professional lives than Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple and Bill Gates, former CEO of Microsoft. There is no arguing their impact on the practical level, but it is at the “legacy” level where things start to become a little more cloudy.

In a detailed New York Times article on August 29th, a case is made for both sides of the argument. Bill Gates stands as one of the most notable philanthropists in the world, as his foundation has arguably created more for charitable causes than any other organization in history. Steve Jobs is primarily notable for his commitment to innovation and operating at an efficiency and design level that few people ever do. The moral of the story isn’t to necessarily make anyone “right or wrong” (though we certainly would love to hear your opinions in the comments), but it is truly to highlight the role that legacy plays in all of the things we do on a daily basis.

Bill Gates believes that his impact is the most powerful in the charitable giving space whereas Steve Jobs views his influence as a direct extension of his role within the business. Both of which changed the world dramatically for the better.

At Live Out Loud, this conversation is largely framed within the context of your “why.” When others look back on your impact in the future, for better or for worse, what will your footprint look like? In “Yes! Energy,” this theory is presented primarily within three major areas: financial, personal and spiritual. Given the talents and gifts you already have, there is likely an area where you will have the greatest impact. This does not mean that you cannot impact ALL of those areas in some shape or form, but having a deeper understanding of the things you do well, versus the activities that drain, can help you accelerate in ways you never thought possible.

In the end, we all must understand those things which resonate the most within us. As part of “Yes! Energy,” we’re looking for your commitment. Share your comments and commitments below to keep our conversation going. What will you give back to the world?

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